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This group is based in Markina, a small town in the Basque province of Biscay. They traditionally perform their sword dance on St Michael's Day (29th September) in Arretxinaga, formerly a hamlet of Markina, when the festivities also include plays and other dances. The dancers carry long and short swords in two different dances - the long swords for hilt-and-point sword dances and the small swords used for figures representing fighting skills. Unusual in Basque sword dances is the hoisting of the captain on the swords. First recorded in 1704, the tradition can be clearly be traced with some interruptions through to the present.

Markina Markina
Markina Markina featuring Ranko
Markina Markina featuring Ranko

The women's team shown above featured a special guest appearance by an unusually nervous-looking Ranko Vrcelj of Clydeside.

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